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Parish Email: Friday, May 27, 2016

Happy Friday!
Here are some things you should know

Hi all! I am low on soup again – if you have time to make soup it would be much appreciated! There are lots and lots of containers in the kitchen. Happy Soup making J 

One of St. Paul's servers, Richard Cane, will be playing many notes on his tuba this coming Sunday, as part of Solara Quintet. The concert takes place immediately after the end of Equip on Sunday May 29, at 2:00 pmin St. Andrew's on the Square.

NOTICE IS HERRBY GIVEN of a General Meeting of Parishioners immediately following the 10 a.m. service on Sunday, June 19, 2016 to receive a report on the condition of the Cathedral and Hall roof and to consider a motion to initiate a fundraising campaign as part of a broader financial strategy.
Voice and vote is extended to all baptized Cathedral parish members who have regularly attended services of worship during the past three months and are of the full age of 16 years.
A detailed letter will be available in a few days’ time from the Dean and Wardens outlining both the agenda for this single-issue meeting and other necessary information for your consideration.
Please make every effort to attend.

The Journey ContinuesIn 2014, Evan Mutrie was a football player, with the Kamloops Broncos, in the peak of health.  Without warning, a rare virus (enterovirus D68) left him paralysed from the neck down.  Now, with the help of his family, Evan is working to regain a measure of independence after nearly 2 years in hospitals and extended care facilities.  The family is working to establishing Evan in a home he can call his own, and provide him with the professional support needed to make this a reality. 

In order to help the family in this endeavour, the Kiwanis Club of Kamloops is having a fund-raising Pub Night at McCracken Station Pub on Sunday June 5th with sittings at 5 pm and 7 pm.  There will also be a silent auction at the dinner.  Tickets are $20 each and are available from Elaine & Roger Parkes 250-374-2316 or  Elaine & Roger will be available in the parish hall after the 10 am service on Sundays.

All proceeds from this fundraiser go to the St. Paul’s Cathedral Mutrie Trust Fund. If you are unable to take part in this dinner and still wish to make a donation please make cheques payable to St. Paul’s Cathedral with the subject line “Mutrie Trust Fund”

The Strawberry Tea is set for Friday June 17th – please mark it on your calendars – tickets are $5

Why to give to PWRDF for Alberta Wildfires Relief
In response to the questions: is PWRDF eligible for matching government funds and if  not-why should I give to PWRDF, Simon Chambers has put together a thoughtful response that we hope will be helpful if and when you are asked the same questions.

The Red Cross is receiving matching funds from various levels of government for wildfire relief.  PWRDF is receiving calls from parishes and individuals asking why they should give through PWRDF when their donation will be matched through the Red Cross.

The Red Cross is a great organization that has mobilized quickly and is doing amazing work.  But they are not everywhere, and they do not do all the things we do.  So here are the two main reasons that people should consider giving through PWRDF:

1)     The Red Cross cannot be everywhere and will not reach everyone in need, especially in the chaotic early days.  PWRDF (through Anglican parishes) is already on the ground and responding and will reach people who will not necessarily be reached by the Red Cross.

2)     The Red Cross' mission is immediate relief efforts.  PWRDF will be working through the Dioceses in long-term reconstruction.  In Calgary after the floods, for example, we helped to refurbish some inner city ministries that were damaged, which allowed a day care to purchase new supplies and repaint their space.  The Diocese also sent funds to the Siksika First Nation to help with reconstruction work there.  We anticipate that similar projects will be undertaken in the wake of these fires.  As Bishop Jane Alexander of Edmonton told us, "We are in it for the long haul."

Below is the link to the eyewitness account of the Ft. McMurray wildfire that was generously shared with us by the Rev. David Greenwood, brother of our own, Dorothy Marshall, Diocesan Rep. for Edmonton.  With thanks to David for writing and reflecting so powerfully on his experience and to Dorothy for facilitating our connection with him.

Parish Picnic
June 5th after Church @ Prince Charles Park
An afternoon of fellowship at the park bring your own lawn chairs, blanket etc. Burgers, hot dogs ice cream and water are supplied but please bring a finger food item to share

COMING IN SEPTEMBER - A Season of Creation – Weekly Themes
So here is the structure. Ken hopes to invite the creation of new fine art, music, youth drama, testimony, special event/workshop, spiritual exploration and expression. For now, all options await exploration and development.

Sunday, Sept 11
What I missed in Science Class: Climate Science and the justice Jesus Preached
Sunday, Sept 18
When is enough, enough? Sabbath as a life principle
Sunday, Sept 25
Meeting Place: On Footprints, Friendship and Faith
Sunday, Oct 2
Thank you Francis: Life Lessons from Pope and Saint Francis
Sorrento Centre Corner
What can you learn this year at Sorrento Centre?
The 2016 program guide is available on line now! Plan your summer accordingly!

Week 2 – register today – this class looks great!!
Sunday, July 17 – Saturday, July 23, 2016
How to Draw Celtic Knots with Brian Dench

Why is it that the world’s most historic treasured Gospel books - Kells, Lindisfarne – are overflowing with an abundant variety of intricate woven knots... that the original mosaic pavement of the first Christian church at the site of the nativity in Bethlehem was covered in “ribbon interlace”... even in the sanctuary surrounding the entrance to the birthplace... that knots are found on vestments, altars, chalices, gravestones ... personal identity seals from 7000 BC and corporate logos of the 21st century?
What makes this pattern so remarkable as to be chosen for so many millennia, across so many cultures, on such highly valued and significant items personal and communal, sacred and secular - yet so little known about in our time? Art historians call it “geometric ornament”– surely it is more than that!
Find out first hand. The start-point is simple: you can draw a dot, a line and a square: the rest is history. You will learn a 12-step sequence of how to organize the dots and lines to produce a knot - we just tease out how to organize the order, and the first one is down in about 20 minutes.
Because you will begin to understand the pattern-making principles involved, you will discover how to analyze and reconstruct the remarkable designs of antiquity and Celtic monastic culture. Gradually you will train your eye - and mind - in ways to break the rules, and produce a fantastic curious variety of patterns out of the 12 basic steps. There are endless ways to turn your beautiful simple knot into something more fascinating and complex. Not only will you learn secrets to ways these mezmerizing weaving patterns of history were constructed, you will be able to create them yourself - for whatever purpose, whatever size or shape - to apply in arts, crafts or even casual doodling... or tattoos!
Appreciate. Marvel. Create. Meditate. When it comes to knots, deep meaning is present, built with a simplicity that holds the complexity together- all interconnected: who knew?
Learn to create the knots. Discovering their secrets can be an enriching experience, while also amusing and fun. No artistic gift or training is needed, though experienced artists will find riches to please. Bring blank paper, fine tip black marker pens, colour markers or pencils, and tracing paper.
Get ready for a few sessions of awe-robics!
Course fee: $310
Click this link for more information -

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