Tuesday, 24 May 2011


June 5th, Parish Picnic at Pr. Charles Park on Columbia Street following morning services . Bring chairs/blankets, and join the parishioners for fun and fellowship. Food & refreshments will be supplied

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Summary of May 8, 2011 table discussions.

Responses to "Wouldn't if be great if we could ……"


Wouldn't it be great if we could :
- reach out to University young people with a stronger presence
- have more parties at the church like the recent Royal Wedding party
- be a welcoming face for groups such as those needing wheelchair access
- have a space for people who are traveling, such as youth groups
- continue with support to groups such as out of the cold
- provide kennel facilities to those using shelters who have pets
- get involved with groups working to provide seniors' housing
- work more with other downtown churches, and cooperate on conference and accommodation space
- work together with other groups to be more effective in social justice
- retain the chapel in whatever we do in the future. It is a safe sanctuary for small
- hold Evensong, or other alternative forms of worship such as Taize, Iona, from time to time, and follow the service with a potluck supper
(We did not have time to discuss involved risks)


- Develop professional quality electronic communications for St. Paul's that could include some engaging and interactive materials that would be particularly appealing to young people and young adults. They may be a vehicle to tap into and respond to spiritual questions and important issues in their lives. It could open the door for other young people to participate if complemented with face-to-face activities.
RISKS: Will require expertise and costs to develop and maintain. Some also felt that the virtual medium, though very popular, takes away the personal contact that the church has always greatly valued.
- We presently hold small services at various Senior and Extended care facilities. It was suggested that perhaps, with the support of these facilities, we could take the whole church out on a Sunday morning to the communities that we minister to. This could happen once or twice a year to help us broaden our focus and bring the residents more fully into our worship.
RISKS: There are various logistical limitations but not really a lot of risks. Perhaps having both services but with a larger team of St. Paul's members participating would be a compromise alternative.

- The arts can bring out new people and encourage and strengthen the gifts that are already in place among our community. The Church has historically used these mediums to reach out to people beyond the church walls. Organizing and promoting a professionally managed production would provide all kinds of connection to the broader community and subject to the choice of production could be a new way to share our faith and church with the community at large and opens new doors.
RISKS: There is concern that these types of productions take huge amounts of time, energy and resources, and cause a dilution of the somewhat limited capacity within the congregation. Perhaps we can draw from people and talents beyond the congregation.

- It was suggested that if we knew of the right person(s), perhaps we could bring him/her/them to the congregation for a weekend or other event and use it as a motivational event to stir up, inspire, encourage and guide. While it was noted that this suggestion, in and of itself, is not a ministry, the commitment to bring in quality speakers and leaders to educate and inspire us is already happening to some extent.
RISKS: Some costs and some concern that speakers could have their own agendas.

- It was pointed out that Sunday mornings are not the best time for all people, especially young people and families. It was also pointed out that traditional music and some aspects of our service could be adapted to a more youth friendly format both in time and content.
RISKS: again we face resource problems for this in terms of separate services, leadership and music.

- Some parishes have tackled a project to sponsor and build a seniors' home or housing project, such as an Abbeyfield home. Would that be something of interest or relevance to St. Paul's as our demographic continues to age?
RISKS: Again, the ability to resource such a project is a risk. This requires several years of planning and negotiating with funding partners. It could be better to get it going, and then spin it off as a semi-autonomous society.

- The provision of quality daycare continues to be a challenge for most young families. Past experiences with this at St. Paul's led to closing down the day care due to new rules and requirements. However, it does provide a vital service for young families, and with the new house next door, perhaps in time we may have facilities that could support this.
RISKS: This would likely be a service that the church could encourage and support in some way, but likely not want to operate.

This table felt that we need to be thoughtful as to what new Ministries we step into as they may divert resources and attention from other things, and there may be limits to the number of things we can be doing at the same time. However, most of the group seemed open to exploring new ministries and activities for St. Paul's. They also decided that a discussion on music would be better suited to another time.


Wouldn't it be great if we could :
- have a fund to provide opportunities to those who cannot afford opportunities
- provide an opportunity on a regular basis to talk over problems and get some help
- have hymns that were more energizing and contemporary; easy to sing and with contemporary words. Several people mentioned Graham Kendrick as a resource. The hymns should relate to the readings for the day.
- have the sermons published
- have a better sound system. Hearing is a problem for many people.
- arrange assistance with small jobs for seniors, perhaps provided by the youth group.
- have better acoustics in the hall
- provide more handicapped accessible washrooms and twice as many stalls for women as for men
- broadcast our services
- do more activities with St. George's
- invite other churches in APCI to the Cathedral. One table member would be willing to contribute towards expenses for this.


Wouldn't it be great if we could :
- balance our books
- see more folks from around St. Paul's coming here
- relate to the people in the neighborhood so that they can relate to us
- be relevant in today's age
- liven up the songs
- have lively music
- have contemporary music RISK: we might lose people, but might attract younger families
- use Voices United - second version
- have a few more instruments
- turn the church around and face east
- didn't have enough room for all the Sunday school kids
- have meetings that accommodate working people. eg the noon bible study, centering prayer. We are catering to the retired.
- have more people involved
- do more outreach
- incorporate other liturgy resources (Iona, etc)
- have either a round or square worship space so that we could reconfigurate successfully. RISK: changing the building might lose people, but might attract younger ones.
- be more welcoming to new people

Comments and questions from this table: we need to attract more people and become more financially viable. Can Kamloops upkeep 2 (Anglican) churches? Would it be stronger as one? Would building a new church attract more people? If you were a new person who walked into the church, would you have stayed? We need to have a welcoming attitude.
If we are constantly balking about the music, why isn't anything happening? Do we need a committee to look into the music?


Wouldn't it be great if we could:
- have more theological education to understand what the bible says, what the liturgy and Eucharist mean, and how they have implications for how we live, based on adult education principles. Not being educated in church may make people move on.
- have a Mom's study group to support moms
- have a parish that would be a place of discernment ie a member's vocation and place in the world. We would be able to support each other in our calling. We need to tell our stories to each other.
- have book clubs
- structure decision making differently so that everyone has a stake
- have time to discuss things with each other
- address the music issue, so that it would be more uplifting and more contemporary
- give the congregation a chance to become more familiar with unfamiliar music - choir practice in church prior to service. Those wishing quiet could use the chapel.
- have lay ministers participate more visibly
- have less "us" and "them"
- host parish social justice things, such as forums
- have Taize services
- advertise activities that the public could join –ie walk the labyrinth, sing