Wednesday, 27 January 2010


A statement from the Primate on the disaster in Haiti
Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Anglican Church of Canada

January 13, 2010 - Haiti has been devastated by a terrible earthquake. Thousands are feared to have died and many more injured. The people in Haiti have suffered so much in the past 10 years. Hurricane Jeanne ripped through the island in 2004 and in 2008 tropical storms took a huge toll. Now a new disaster. Through the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund, our church has made an initial donation of $15,000 for emergency relief through Action by Churches Together (ACT).

The Anglican Church of Canada and especially the Diocese of Montreal has had a long relationship with the Anglican Church of Haiti, personalized in many respects by Canon Ogé Beauvoir, the dean of the theological seminary in Haiti. A graduate of Montreal Diocesan College, he went to Haiti in 1991 as a Volunteer in Mission. In 1996, he returned to Canada to serve as regional mission coordinator for Africa and the Middle East. He returned to Haiti, where he was born, in 2004. We are grateful to know that he and his wife Serette are safe.

Please pray for the people of Haiti as they struggle with such devastation and grief..

Please remember as well their relative in Canada and the Canadian Haitian community many of whom anxiously await news of friends, relatives and loved ones.

Please give generously to increase our support for relief efforts.

I make this appeal in the name of Christ in his compassion for all who suffer.


Thursday, 21 January 2010


Update on PWRDF donations to Haiti. Donations can be made through Sunday Offerings at St. Paul's, or directly through the links provided within the document above. Just click on the word PWRDF in the first sentence and it will take you to that link.

Congratulations Anglicans everywhere for your generosity and love.

Friday, 15 January 2010


Primate's World Relief and Development Fund pledges support. An initial grant of $15,000 for ACT's Rapid Response Program, an ecumenical effort that is made up of churches and humanitarian organizations.

ACT members Christian Aid, Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, Lutheran World Federation and Interchurch Organisation for Development Cooperation are already on the ground providing relief in Haiti and being funded by PWRDF and other member churches thanks to the generous donations from Anglicans in Canada.

Additional donations to Haiti relief will increase PWRDF's grant to ACT International. Donations made by individual Canadians to PWRDF over the period of January 12 to February 12, 2010 will be matched by the Government of Canada through CIDA-managed Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund. We will access these funds in cooperation with other Canadian churches as we have in the past.

Please watch for updates on PWRDF's response.
For members of St. Paul's Cathedral congregation your Sunday contributions to PWRDF through the collection can be marked "Haiti relief" and we will forward all donations received. You continue to make your cheques payable to St. Paul's Cathedral, and let us know how you want that money distributed.

We continue to pray for the country and her people during this devastating time.

Friday, 8 January 2010


Mark your calendars! 7:00 pm, Saturday January 30th, St. Paul's Cathedral will host a good old fashioned Coffee House in our beautiful hall. The City is rife with talented musicians. The focus is the songs of the 60's and 70's--folk songs filled with political protests, social injustices, and the joy of life. Call the church office if you would like to add your name to the list of entertainers.

Whatever you do, don't miss this evening of song and fellowship!