Friday, 26 June 2015

Parish Update: July 26, 2015

Hello St. Paul’s Family 
Here are a few things you may need to know.

Summer dates to note:
July 1 – 10am Service of Holy Communion – cancelled due to holiday
July 8 - 10am Service of Holy Communion – cancelled due to floors
July 6 – 10 – The entire building will be closed as we have the halls floors re-varnished. The building will be very smelly and no one should enter. (toxic fumes)
August 3-21 – The office will be closed with the exception of soup hand out from 11 – 12am during this time for staff vacation.

Fund Raising 2015 Committee
 (Elaine Parkes, Jim Edwards, Duncan Macrae, Jim & Diane Freathy)

When the chapel refurbishment and sound system projects were done, the money to pay for them was borrowed from the St. Paul’s trust funds on the understanding that these funds would be replaced. Administration and Finance has tasked this committee to raise $50,000 to cover the costs of these projects as well as supplementing the sound system with a “hard of hearing” component.  The committee has met and planned the following events for the fall:

          Sept 13th Campaign kick-off

Sept 26th (SaturdayGarage Sale/Flea Market – in St. Paul’s parish hall from 9 am – 2 pm.  Please start collecting treasures you no longer need and maybe someone else could use.  (Please no clothing - it can be taken to the Thrift Shop.)  Collect them in a box and store them at home.  We will advise you in the fall as to when they are to be brought to the church.  It will be a time to share treasures with each other, visit and raise some money for the church.

          Oct 18th – Spaghetti Dinner & Silent Auction. Sunday at 5 pm.  More details to follow.

There is no need to wait for one of these events to make a donation to the fund raising campaign. Make your donation now.  Make your cheque payable to St. Paul’s Cathedral and in the memo line make a notation “Fund Raising”.

Would you like to help with one of these events?  If so please contact Elaine Parkes at 250-374-2316

Photo Contest – we are pleased to announce the photo contest will be returning this year led by Allison Ryder. Stay tuned for more info!!

The Sorrento Centre Children and Youth Programstaff are busy preparing for the upcoming summer and are looking for the following "recyclables" to be used in the crafts and activities for this summers program: kleenex boxes that are empty but not folded. If you have some of these items please pass them on to Melissa Green or drop them off at the office where Melissa will pick them up. Thanks for your help!

Bishop’s Tea – A Fundraiser for St. George’s
Friday July 10 – 1:30-3:30pm
St. Andrews on the Square
159 Seymour Street
Ticket are $12.00

Come share in the Fountain of Youth!  Catch the energy waves while joining one of the meal host teams for the BC & Yukon Anglican Youth Movement conference hosted at St. Paul's Cathedral on Thanksgiving week-end, October 9th - 12, 2016.
Contact: Joy Gothard, meal co-ordinator at 250-372-5594 or Sign up on the poster available Sunday mornings on the Peace & Justice bulletin board

Thrift Shop
After 25++ years Shirley Lowe and Ella Beckett are retiring from the Thrift store. We are so grateful for their many many years of service and hard work.
We need to find some new recruits/volunteers to help fill the hole they have left.
Can you spend a couple of hours a week sorting, pricing, selling and generally having a lot of fun? These ladies LOVE to laugh and have lots of fun with each other.
Shifts for sorting and pricing are normally Thursdayand the Thrift store is open on Friday from 9:30 – 1:30.
They are closed for the summer so there is no summer commitment!
Hours do vary though……
If you are interested and think you can help out or want more information please contact Elaine Neen – 250-852-3852 or Elaine Parkes 250-374-2316.


A new feature for this weekly email is a glance at the Sorrento Centre offerings called

“What can YOU learn at Sorrento Centre?”
This week featuring this great learning opportunity

July 5-11 – Week 1
Indigo and Stitch: Patterned Scarves
With Thomas Roach

Come explore a week of guided meditative stitching that will result in two scarves, one in cotton and indigo, and one in silk with another natural dye.
You will be encouraged to let your hands and mind work together intuitively – every stitch becoming a prayer. In the dyepot, your simple stitches will be transformed into remarkable visual texture and pattern.
The intentions that you hold in your heart and mind will be imbued in the finished cloth. Consider keeping one scarf and gifting the other to a friend or loved one – one whom you have kept in mind throughout the process.
Together we will reflect on the beauty, practicality and spiritual dimensions of scarves. All stitching is based on simple running stitches so that you need not have any previous experience with sewing or dyeing.
· Course Fee: $310 (and a $25 supply fee)