Monday, 21 July 2014

Summer Spiritual Practices

Some Suggested Summer Spiritual Practices:

  • Sleep.  And if you are lucky, dream. 
  • Pray daily.  Even if it is simply to say "Thanks" or "Wow" or "Help".
  • Spend less time in front of a screen and more time in out doors in Creation.  It will be better for your soul.
  • Blow bubbles. 
  • Play.
  • Sleep some more.
  • Support your local food providers by eating locally, and for one meal a week, donate the cost of one day's meals to those who need food. (food bank, Global Unicef, Primate’s Fund are a few possible options)
  • Look for everything you have two or more of and give one away, (or more if you really want to feel lighter).  Even shoes.  Even things you value deeply.  Make giving sacrificial.
  • Forgive someone.
  • Dance.  If you can't dance, sing.  If you can't sing, listen.  If you can't listen, go to bed, you need more sleep.   Try again tomorrow.
  • Write a personal note on paper, with an envelope to a good friend and say thanks for all they mean to you.  Mail it.
  • Read your bible.  Frequently.  Start anywhere.  Stop when you understand.  (this is a trick ..... hee hee hee....we never really fully understand.)  Use a book mark.  You can come back to it later.  Learn to live with Mystery and Wonder.
  • If you are stuck with the above, or a bit skittish:  start with Matthew 5:1-12.  Live the Beatitudes as a weekly practice.  Try one for each day of the week.  Be blessed.
  • Support your church community through prayer and financial support.  Especially when you choose to practice your spiritual living by not attending worship in the summer.
  • If you don't come to church for the summer, miss us.  Know that we pray for you and look forward to seeing you in September.