Sunday, 17 April 2016

Parish Email: April 15, 2016

Here are some things you should know 

The Very Rev Ken Gray
Make sure you come to church this Sunday to welcome Ken Gray our new Dean!
As a person who has lived with Albinism since birth Ken experiences both challenges and opportunities. On the challenge side, he has difficulty recognizing folks, even those he has just met, out of context. So if you meet him at the grocery store it is very helpful to say “Hi, I’m Claire, your office administrator . . .” On the delight side you may enjoy his photography which can be viewed at  
His photographic motto is “We see what others miss.” Enjoy.

Hands in the dirt gang
This week marked the first meeting of the Hands in the dirt gang and our new Dean was on hand to take some beautiful photos!
You can check them out here
If you want to join this hip and fun crowd please contact the office for more details

Men’s breakfast
Saturday April 23 8am in the Hall

Spring Cleanup – Save the date – April 23 will be the annual spring cleanup 9:30am – bring your rubber gloves and a happy heart and let’s scrub scrub scrub

April 24th at the 10am service we are going to “Spring into Song” to benefit the Canadian FoodGrains Bank    

Anglican Communion News Service – Our official news page of the greater worldwide Anglican Communion.

Anglican Foundation Update

St. George’s Day Dinner and Celebration of the Queen’s 90th Birthday
Friday April 29 at St. George’s – Door open at 5:30 dinner at 6:00pm
$15 per person, $5 for children,  and under 6 free
For tickets call the office 250-376-3243 or Eloise 250-374-4276 or Shirley 250-828-2619

Equip 2016
St. Paul’s is hosting Equip this year on May 27-29
Listening with the Ear of our Hearts: The Art of Engaged Leadership in the Parish
This year’s guest speaker will be the Bishop of New Westminster – The Rt Rev Melissa Skelton
They now have a web site and you can register online!!


Sorrento Centre Corner
What can you learn this year at Sorrento Centre?
The 2016 program guide is available on line now! Plan your summer accordingly!

Week 4
Monday August 1 to Saturday August 6

“Come, Follow Me!”
With Sister Sue Elwyn
We know from the Gospels that Jesus spent as much time in prayer as in ministry; indeed, it seems the times he spent alone communing with God gave him the strength and inspiration to carry out that ministry.
In a world and a church increasingly focused on doing, it’s important for us to remember that intimacy needs times of silent communion as well.
Contemplative prayer provides us with the path the follow Jesus into the stillness of God’s presence.
Over the week, we will investigate methods of praying with the written word, with the imagination, with movement and the body, and in silence.
Each day will include an introduction to three different prayer methods, an opportunity to practice each method within the group, and some time to reflect on the experience.
When we follow Jesus into God’s silence, we can follow him into the world with renewed strength and vision
Course fee: $260 (short week)

For more information please click the link -

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