Thursday, 24 March 2016

March 24, 2016 - Parish Email

Here are some things you should know

Please note a CHANGE
The Easter Sun Rise service starts at 6:00am this year.
Easter is early and the sun rises later
Mark the change in your calendar!!!!

Thank you to Jim Edwards, Herb Hartling and Ron Sugiyama for painting Ken’s office. They did a great job and I am sure Ken will feel very welcome in his new office.

Thank you to everyone who brought in yogurt containers! I appreciate it! Keep them coming!!

There will be no Centering Prayer Tuesday March 29
It will resume April 5

There will be no Bible Study Wednesday March 30
It will resume April 6


Territory of the Central Interior (TCI)
Central Interior Anglican (CIA)
People of the Territory (POT)
Territory of the People (TOP)
Living Waters Territory  (LWT)
Thompson River Territory (TRT)
Territory of kᵚukᵚscemxᵚ. (Thank You to one person)
Territory of kᵚukᵚsteyp. (Thank You to a group)
Fraser Basin Territory
Fraser Interior (Parishes) Territory
The Plateau (Parishes) Territory
The Ponderosa (Parishes) Territory
Tillikum Territory (Friends or people)
Territory of Cariboo-Camchin
The First Anglican Territory
Five Feathers Territory
Territory of Co-creators
Enveloping Spirit Territory
Three Rivers Territory
Camchin Territory (also spelt Kumsheen)

Additional Submissions:

Gold Trail Territory
Thompson Cariboo Territory
Thompson Shuswap Territory
N'lekepmx Suwepmx Timixw Territory
Nicola Thompson Fraser Territory
Interior Rivers Territory.

Easter Service details - Holy Week St. Paul’s Cathedral 2016


Holy Week St. Paul’s Cathedral 2016

Maundy Thursday      March 24  
7:30 p.m.   Holy Eucharist with Foot Washing. The Stripping of the Altar

Good Friday              March 25  
11:00 a.m. The Celebration of the Lord’s Passion, Solemn Intercession, Meditation on the Cross

Easter Day        March 27  6:00 a.m.  
Sunrise Eucharist (on the Beach off of Schubert Drive)
8:00 a.m.   Holy Communion
10:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist

Good Bye David Pot luck Luncheon
This is an invitation to all of our community to join together in a potluck celebration at the end of the service on Sunday April 3rd.   Please feel free to bring either a main dish, salad or dessert.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone come out.

Spring Cleanup – Save the date – April 23 will be the annual spring cleanup!

Dan Hines Workshop

Blossoming as Who You Are: A Spring Courage & Renewal® Workshop
Friday, April 8, 2016 - Saturday, April 9, 2016
St. Paul’s Cathedral – Kamloops BC
April 8 – 9, 2016
Fri. 6:30 PM to Sat. 4:00 PM
COST:Recommended $75 donation
For More information please click here

Equip 2016
St. Paul’s is hosting Equip this year on May 27-29
Listening with the Ear of our Hearts: The Art of Engaged Leadership in the Parish
This year’s guest speaker will be the Bishop of New Westminster – The Rt Rev Melissa Skelton
Stay tuned for more information

Sorrento Centre Corner
What can you learn this year at Sorrento Centre?
The 2016 program guide is available on line now! Plan your summer accordingly!

Week 2
Sunday July 17 – Saturday July 23
How to Draw Celtic Knots
With Brian Dench
Why is it that the world’s most historic treasured Gospel books - Kells, Lindisfarne – are overflowing with an abundant variety of intricate woven knots... that the original mosaic pavement of the first Christian church at the site of the nativity in Bethlehem was covered in “ribbon interlace”... even in the sanctuary surrounding the entrance to the birthplace... that knots are found on vestments, altars, chalices, gravestones ... personal identity seals from 7000 BC and corporate logos of the 21st century?
What makes this pattern so remarkable as to be chosen for so many millennia, across so many cultures, on such highly valued and significant items personal and communal, sacred and secular - yet so little known about in our time? Art historians call it “geometric ornament”– surely it is more than that!
Find out first hand. The start-point is simple: you can draw a dot, a line and a square: the rest is history. You will learn a 12-step sequence of how to organize the dots and lines to produce a knot - we just tease out how to organize the order, and the first one is down in about 20 minutes.
Because you will begin to understand the pattern-making principles involved, you will discover how to analyze and reconstruct the remarkable designs of antiquity and Celtic monastic culture. Gradually you will train your eye - and mind - in ways to break the rules, and produce a fantastic curious variety of patterns out of the 12 basic steps. There are endless ways to turn your beautiful simple knot into something more fascinating and complex. Not only will you learn secrets to ways these mezmerizing weaving patterns of history were constructed, you will be able to create them yourself - for whatever purpose, whatever size or shape - to apply in arts, crafts or even casual doodling... or tattoos!
Appreciate. Marvel. Create. Meditate. When it comes to knots, deep meaning is present, built with a simplicity that holds the complexity together- all interconnected: who knew?
Learn to create the knots. Discovering their secrets can be an enriching experience, while also amusing and fun. No artistic gift or training is needed, though experienced artists will find riches to please. Bring blank paper, fine tip black marker pens, colour markers or pencils, and tracing paper.
Get ready for a few sessions of awe-robics!
Course fee: $310

For more information please click the link -

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