Monday, 23 November 2015

Parish Email: November 23

Hello St. Paul’s Family
Here are a few things you may need to know.

Kamloops Artists presents:
Fine Arts Show & Sale
November 20, 21, 22 from 10am – 4pm
@ the Japanese Cultural Centre – Vernon Ave Kamloops

R.A.F.T. Update
We are pleased to announce that RAFT is sponsoring 4 families locally. 
We have yet to hear arrival dates, but we are working hard to prepare.  For those of you who have offered financial support, thank you!  For those of you who have volunteered, thank you and we look forward to working with you.
Our sponsorships include:
·         a family of five:  parents with three children

·         a family of four:  parents with a teen and a young adult daughter

·         a family of three:  parents with a toddler  (This family will live in Clearwater.)

·         a family expecting their first child
These sponsorships are all refugees from Syria.

As our financial capacity grows, so too will the opportunity to sponsor more refugees.  We have the human resources capacity (volunteers) to work with more refugee sponsorships, but must also have the financial resources in place (either money in hand or pledges) before we can make any further “expressions of interest” (the term for requesting sponsorship).

Thank you for your participation in this humanitarian response.

Patricia, for RAFT.
R.A.F.T. / Refugees And Friends Together
(Kamloops Refugee Resettlement Group)

PIT stop is a hot meal program which serves a nutritious dinner, without charge to people in our community who are less fortunate than ourselves. 
It is happening at St. Paul’s on Dec 6th from 1-5.   Volunteers needed for 4 hours or 2 hours either 1-3 for meal prep or 3-5 for serving and clean up.  
If you are interested in volunteering please email Kathy Moore
We need -----3 large crock pots for to use at the PIT stop on Dec 6th for cooking dinner.  Also we need all the toiletries that you collect at hotels.   Soaps and shampoos to give away.

Chant, Chart, and Converse Workshop

“Behold what you are, Become what you receive”

Saturday December 5 – 9:30-1:30
St. Paul’s Cathedral – 360 Nicola
Light lunch provided
To register please call the office @250-372-3912 or

Participant are limited to 25

St. Paul's annual Christmas Tea and Bake Sale.
Saturday - December 12th.......1:30 - 3:30.
Treasurers will be found in the thrift shop.
Baking for tea and bake sale gratefully accepted.
If you would like to Rae at 250-372-7582.

2015 Sunday School Christmas Bags
Note from the Boys and Girls Club: PowerStart Program
 We will be giving the gift bags from St. Paul’s Sunday School to our PowerStart children. PowerStart is an early morning breakfast program where we pick children up at their homes, drive them to school, feed them breakfast, help them brush their teeth and then give them a recess snack. PowerStart serves some of the most vulnerable children in our community. We currently serve 100 children each morning. 
Some items that may be beneficial in the gift bags: arts, crafts, socks, bath soaps for girls, games, nail polish, nice shampoos/conditioners, hot wheel cars, lego is a big hit.

Cathedral Sunday School Involvement:  We will be putting together Christmas Gift Bags for local Kamloops children through the Boys and Girls Club PowerStart program. We are inviting our Sunday School families and members of the parish to bring items to help fill the gift bags for boys and girls between the ages of 5 – 12 years.  A list of possible items is included. We will be filling the boxes on Sunday, December 13th in Sunday School and welcome items to be dropped off at the Cathedral prior to that Sunday. So, keep an eye out while you’re shopping for items that you can contribute!
If you have any questions talk to Melissa: 

Suggested Items for Christmas Bags
·         Toiletries- bubble bath, shower gel, creams
·         Card games
·         Chocolates, sweets, gum
·         Mitts, toques, scarves
·         Slippers
·         Anything hockey or NHL related
·         Nail polish, lip gloss
·         Markers, pencil crayons
·         Art kits
·         Books, comics
·         Barrettes, ponies, hair clips,
·         Cozy or funny socks
·         Photo frame
·         Wallet
·         Items from Ardene's or Claires
·         Stickers, crafts
·         Stationary or note cards
·         Diary or journal
·         Lego mini
·         Noise makers (kazoo, shakers, tambourine, maracas, etc…)
·         Play dough, silly putty
·         Jewelry making kits
·         Puzzles
·         Colouring book
·         Game book
·         Iron bead kit
·         Magnets
·         LED booklight
·         Coffee/Team mug warmer
·         Decorative duct tape
·         Glow sticks
·         Funky erasers
·         Swim goggles
·         Crazy straws
·         Post it notes
·         Small puzzles
·         Small toys
·         Small stuffed animals 

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