Tuesday, 26 July 2011



You will have heard by now that the Canadian Government is matching donations made to the famine in East Africa:
For every dollar an individual Canadian donates over a 10-week period (retroactive to July 6, 2011, and ending September 16, 2011) to an eligible registered Canadian charity responding to the drought in East Africa, the Government will contribute an equivalent amount to the East Africa Drought Relief Fund. The Government of Canada will administer the relief fund separately, disbursing funds to organizations best suited to make an effective and real difference in the lives of people affected by the drought.

Donations may be receipted by the parish and funds forwarded directly to PWRDF, clearly identified East Africa Drought Relief. As CIDA is requesting weekly updates of funds raised, please forward collections as frequently as possible.

It is our privilege to serve God’s people in their time of need. Thank you for your help and support during past crises. For the additional workload that this appeal may generate, we thank you in advance.

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