Wednesday, 21 April 2010


This morning, ably supervised by 4.5 month old Baby Lily, Mom Jenn and Granny Sue spent a couple of hours working in the dirt and got the following done:

* Edged lawn/veg. garden (running north/south) and removed +++
volunteer grass "seedlings".
* Dug and added compost & peat moss to the flower trellis and
planted 2 packets of sweet peas: Galaxy and Kiwi Bicolour Mixe.
* Weeded a bit among the raspberries and on veg. garden paths.
* Enjoyed delicious coffee and cake on the patio - the best bit!

The marigold, godetia, and red cosmos seedlings (planted April 15) started to sprout April 19 - that was quick - must be all the warm sunshine.And Sue enjoyed the first fruits of our veggie patch - clipped leek seedlings and chives - in a salad for lunch. So, we didn't get through the list of chores - they'll keep till next week!

Digging in the dirt most days - Sue

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